Best Out of Town Year 3

Camping and dancing weekend. Sauna and swimming. Synergy horn sound. Beach party. Sunrise sets. 30+ hrs of music. Visuals by Fezz Stenton. 

Tri-city dance convention | TO - MTL - NYC

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︎Arrival & departure
Arrive anytime starting on Friday September 1, and stay as late as the afternoon on Monday September 4. Music will run Friday night, Saturday afternoon, and Saturday night into Sunday.

Feel free to use Sunday to rest and camp before driving back on the holiday Monday.

Camping & BYO basics
Bring everything you need for a weekend away without electricity. There is a tuck shop on site selling ice, chips, snacks and other items. A food truck will be on site Saturday and Sunday serving brunch and dinner options. There is also a grocery store about a 5-minute drive away.

Pack enough water, drinks, food and anything else you need to be comfortable for the weekend. We will have free water by the music and by the outdoor kitchen areas, so bring a water bottle to fill up.

There will be designated camping areas to set up your tents. Bring tarps in case of rain.

There are designated fire pits on the land, subject to any fire ban at the time.

Familiarise yourself with safe campfire protocols before the event. For example: never leave a fire unattended, and you know the fire is safely out if you can comfortably put your fingers in the fire pit.

Cars & parking
Leave your car in the designated car parking area as opposed to next to your tent. You can unload your stuff next to your tent, then bring your car to the parking area.

We encourage everyone to carpool where possible. Please sign up with your car and look for rides on our rideshare spreadsheet that we will send out to ticket holders. This is both to make travel more efficient, and to allow for breaks when travelling to and from the event.

Practise no trace camping and leave the land better than you found it. There will be bins around the site to keep the grounds clean.

Dance safe & harm reduction
We will have dance safe and harm reduction volunteers available while the music is playing. Naloxone kits will be near the music area.

Music grade ear protection is recommended. Extra foam ear plugs will be available as backups. More information can be found here.

We suggest buying your own kits and testing ahead of time. Affordable and comprehensive kits are available from here.

Packing essentialsCash/Card: The food truck and tuck shop will accept both, card only for merch .

Tent, sleeping bag/bedding, pillow, + air or foam mattress: sleep with a barrier between you and the ground.

Tarp: Be prepared in case it rains.

Warm clothes, extra socks, shoes + rain gear: It can get very cold at night and could rain.

Sunscreen + Bug spray: Check for ticks + protect yourself.

Bathing suit, towel, sandals + whatever floatable device you like: There’s a river for swimming/lounging and a sauna for sweating. Swimming is not allowed after dark.

Picnic blanket + camp chair: For relaxing, there will be chill out areas, but nice to come prepared.

Reusable water bottle: There will be free water at the kitchen and stage.

Flashlight/Headlamp: You’ll be walking along paths and through the woods which will be dark at night.

Ear plugs: Make your hearing last forever.

External Battery: Charge up and come prepared.

Etc: Bring anything you need to feel comfortable.

Ticket cost
Best In Town Sound remains a volunteer project run by a small collective of dance music adorationists. Your ticket price covers site rental, DJ fees, porta-potties, scaffolding, and other event expenses, as well as soundsystem expenses and maintenance costs.

You are responsible for the guests you bring, only invite friends you trust. If any issues arise with you or your guests, we will ask you to leave and you will not be invited back in following years.

If you buy a ticket and can no longer come, use the refund request option through Eventbrite by August 25, 2023 (one week before the event). The Eventbrite fee is non refundable.

Best In Town Sound & Team
Best In Town Sound is:

Vivian Rosas
Nicholas Pittman

with help from Bestie Crew:

pony alexander
Tamara Daniel
Jana Vigor
Daniel Rotsztain
Colin Sims
Ruslan Ivanytskyy
Dan Howell
Emma Howard
Adam Krawesky
Nilou Ghaemi
Anahita Farahani
Cay Del Junco
Julia Dickens
Destiny De Choix
Nishant Singh

The name began as an informal DJ school among friends. Named after your favourite local pizza place and dry cleaner’s, the moniker morphed into our beloved soundsystem in summer 2020 when we started organising events around Toronto to stay engaged in spite of it all.

As a new friend recently put it: music builds community, and community is everything.